Why Us

We have Impressive Past in this Business since 1995!

Our work’ history in the Industry of Technology is truly impressive! Since 1996, Our team have been one of the first in Europe who were developing hundreds of websites applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and achieving top rankings in Yahoo!, AltavIsta, Excite, Lycos and so many other search engines that were Top at that time, before the advent of the Google search engine …
Great experience was also my pass from the Yahoo! Advertising Departments as i was Yahoo! Sales Rep in Greece, Cyprus & Balkans at period 1999-2001. In the following years, we successfully continued our work with Websites, Social Media, Pay per click Campaigns in Internet and SEO implementations by getting top results in Google Search Results for competitive keywords; furthermore we developed many online applications in the fields of Tourism, Real Estate, Commerce, E-Shops, Multilingual Presences, Internet Advertising, etc.

We are Innovative!

We offer AR & AI Apps, Digitallized Services & Conceptual Interactive Advertising

In addition, for the past 5 years we have been working vigorously in the field of Cellular & Interactive Communications, Applications (Android & iOS), focusing more on the technology of Augmented Reality, Holograms, Virtual Reality & 3D Modeling. AR artificial intelligence applications and Digital and Cellular Information Systems are now core to our Business as the web is even more of a parallel content feeder for these intelligent systems.
Me and my business partners in UK and Spain we never stop researching and developing innovative applications and digital solutions, claiming new experiences in new technologies such as IoT, Data Science and everything related to Content, Information, Promotion, Advertising, as well as real-time interactive & Digital & Interactive Contact, but we’re always focusing on giving innovative economical solutions to any technological problem of the market on the above sectors of Information, Communication & Promotion Industry as well.

We have Electronic Engineering & Automations background which with AR are the base for connection with AI & IoT technologies!

Finally, regarding our perspective, given my certified training in applied electronics technologies and automatic control systems, also due to our dynamic international collaborations in the development of programming applications and algorithmic developments, we are able to apply at the level of study and construction, applications of Artificial Intelligence AI and Augmented Reality AR even in synergy with electro-pneumatic and mechanical applications, Metaverse environments, even with IoT (Internet of Things)… That is, we can cover your present and future!