AR App for Tourism

Suggested for all Travel, Cultural & Religious Destinations, Islands & Traditional Villages

Tourism Industry can now achieving more than ever with the usage of AR technology!
Travelers can now learn anything about any point of interest and sightseeing spot by using only their smartphonecamera! It’s just Only needed one focus with their camera to their target in order to know everything about it in a sec!
With the “AR Geolocation Recognition” feature any POI (Point of interest) can now display, talk, promote, send data, communicate and interact with any traveler online and Real-time!!!
Also all Maps, Brochures, Flyers, Outdoor Prints, Designs, Icons, Logos and even any digital advertising can now sell by themselves! They can and should now be interactive and provide information that travelers may be looking for when looking for a holiday destination, without loosing time to search and find all those info scattered in Internet.
AR Image Recognition is the AR Technology’ feature that can do that!

Our AR Team is WorlWide, Professional & Experienced!

Our team, we have developed an AR Tourism App for Santorini Island (SantoriniAR) as a Sample at the period of 2019-2022, (just before the Covid period started).
The App consisted of “AR Geolocation Recognition” & “AR Image Recognition” and was really very impressive! For sure it can be a sample for developing your own Travel AR App too.
We provide the possibility to Tourist Organizations, Agents, Tour Guides, Rentals, Transport and Tourism companies, as well as to local tourism, culture, etc. Agencies to develop local tourist “AR applications” through which they can present to users (tourists, citizens, trainees, etc.) their “points of interest” (sights) with digital information through “augmented reality” (AR) technology.
Believe us, it’s the most Quality, but Cheaper & more profitable than any other Media or Action for your Advertising and Promotion! AR features that can be used additionally to an AR App for a Tourism App Low Cost, Interactive & Digital High-tech Technology at your Disposal! It’s about AR!

More AR Impressive features for your AR App!

There are many other features that could be included within that proposed AR App, but everything is upon request and Clarifications depending on the Travel Destination’ needs and setted goals. Some of those features of AR implementations could be the “Gamification”, “VR/Computer Graphic”, “Notifications & Geo-Fence Notifications”, “Smart Digital Cards & Wallet Passes for Loyalty/Business/Information/sustainability”, etc…
Especially the Digital Cards & Passes combined with the AR Technology can make the difference and benefit the Destination with high achieved results in total revenues, Destination’ evaluation and empowering of all travel businesses and Destination as well. You can get some more info about the Digital/Wallet Cards & Passes as we have already developed such a same solution for you!
Our Solutions are the “HOTELPASS” and the “TOURPASS” as well. Learn more about by clicking on them…

Bring in Life your Travel Prints, Leaflets, Brochures, Images…
We can do it for you!

You can bring in Life any print or image 2D by impelmenting the feature of AR Image Recognition on them! It’s Amazing!!!