AR App for Region

Municipalities can’t wait anymore!.
AR Technology give Real Solutions!

AR Projects & Apps in Big Communities such as Prefectures, Municipalities, Islands, etc can be developed instantly (as we have the necessary experience) by using the basic AR features of “AR Geolocation Recognition” and “AR Image Recognition” in a very attractive Development program with incentives to the users and many Innovations to use. We provide the option & service to the Regions and Municipalities of Greece to develop an “AR Application” in English & Greek Language which will be working in Android (Google Play) & iOS (Apple Store) through which they can provide usefull and Interactive Data, Information, Services, Promos & Communication to their citizens, Travelers, Guests & Investors to be informed about “Useful Information”, “Maps”, “Guides & recent Announcements”, “Best Sightseeing Spots & Natural beauties”, “Best Travel Services”, “Best Shopping Offers”, “Best properties & Plans for Investing and/or Development”, etc.

AR makes Users’ life better!

Users can have the option to download free any AR App (from Google Play or/and Applestore) to their Smartphone or Smart Device and use it as described below:

1) Users can Scan to any Sightseeing spot in the real world (AR Geolocation recognition) with their Smartphone’ Camera and receiving instantly to their Smartphone’ Screen relative data & info for this Point of Interest (POI). Those data and info can be “Text”, “Rich Media”, “Video (30”)”, “Storyteller / Audio Guide”, “Images”, “Photo Gallery”, “Link to Website”, “Links to Social Media”, “Contact”, “Link to a Dynamic Offers’ Page”, “Directory of Business”, “Sponsors Page/Promos”, etc…

2) Users can Scan to any image 2D which must previously should be edited with “AR Image Recognition” and get the same info as above described as well. For this reason the Region must print AR Maps and carefully deliver them to selected target points for usage from the users. All this process must be scheduled & Supervised by us in order to achieve the purposes of that campaign.

Our team have already built such a same AR App (SantoriniAR) in the past as a demo for covering this purpose.


More AR Impressive features for your AR App!

There are many other features that could be included within that proposed AR App, but everything is upon request and Clarifications depending on the Region’ needs and setted goals. Some of those features of AR implementations could be the “Gamification”, “VR/Computer Graphic”, “Notifications & Geo-Fence Notifications”, “Smart Digital Cards & Wallet Passes for Loyalty/Business/Information/sustainability”, etc… In essence, for the first time, the opportunity is given to highlight the work of a Municipality or Region to the citizens who need to know, and which in no case will be possibly disputed from anybody or anytime, just because by using the AR technology, we can offer-display in real time anytime proven facts for the situation of before and after of any developed work.

Smart Cities…
You can do it with AR!

We can also implement AR features that can give smart Solutions to any daily problem of one’s Region’ Citizens & Tourists! Smart Cities can be developed in excellence and accuracy by using the AR technology for better solutions of living for issues of Water supply, Electricity, electric lighting, parking, Wastes & garbages, etc. Ask us how can we help you ??? We can also implement AR functions that can offer smart Solutions to every day-to-day problem of Citizens & Tourists in one Region! Smart Cities can be developed with excellence and precision using AR technology for better living solutions for issues such as water, electricity, electric lighting, parking, waste & garbage etc. Ask us how we can help you???