“AI” connect you to a smart Interactive world!

AIVATAR team, we focus immersed ourselves in sustainable artificial intelligence technologies AI (Artificial Intelligence) in order to be able to promote and communicate in Digital “front-end” information systems (websites, smartphones, Wallet Passes / Digital Cards, Displays HD/4K, Android & iOS Apps, etc.) information, data and metadata from external sources and intelligent circuits of data’ collection from environment and databases.
In fact, technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), Arduino (smart electronic circuits for every use), but also Automation & Electro-Pneumatic devices & Systems, “Programmable Logic Controllers” in combination with algorithms, software, programming languages such as Python, Java, Lisp , Javascript, Prolog, Haskell, Julia, C++ and AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language), AR, etc, enable us to develop complete solutions either “In-house” or “Outsourcing” in order to cover any market and business need in their transformation to digital entities.

AI with AR give you access to smart data!

With our high-level services provided, we can add value to brands & products, as well as innovative wide and globalized interactive communication, promotion and sales empowerment. We can strengthen a company’s position in its market and ensure maximum performance for it, as well as empowering consumers’ loyalty to its brand.
Given that smart phone users cover more than 90% of the world’s population, they also hold more than 85% of the internet searching’ share (Google etc.), make buys via mobile that exceed 50% of all markets worldwide, etc., it’s a real fact that all new applications must meet those needs of users asap… but at the same time, in order for those applications to become competitive, they will have to introduce “something NEW & INNOVATIVE” that will make a difference against the incredible globalized competition! And that is the Prototype content, high quality, personalized approach, uniqueness and digitallized interactivity of Smart data and information which are being forwarded to users…

We have the Knowledge
to connect AI with
AR, VR, IoT & Digital Systems!

Therefore, the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies is required which can retrieve valuable data & info from anywhere and all those to being displayed in smart, digital and interactive apps, mainly through AR technology but also to many other digital information systems such as Wallet Passes, 4K Displays, etc. We in AIVATAR, do exactly that! All of this of course requires a business plan and development strategy by using those new media and technologies, so as to achieve the goal that each business seeks in the market it addresses… We can support you! Follow us…