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“AiVATAR” means “Viable Advertising Technologies AI & AR” or otherwise “Viable advertising technologies of artificial intelligence AI & Augmented Reality AR” and we are a modern company, that our people develop entrepreneurship, services, applications and actions in the technological sector since 1996 !

Augmented Reality “AR”

Augmented reality or (AR) is the latest generation of technology through which we can, with the appropriate use of specialized devices (Tablet, Smart Phone, Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens, etc.) insert digital information into our real (visual) world and data from any computer system and/or database. Essentially, with this technology we can enrich and display in our visible world all the information and data we need for it! (for what we see/focus on)…

AI, Apps & Info Systems

With AI technology we can now cover important market gaps in areas such as information, education and marketing. the idea is that by utilizing AI technology we can develop financial applications in all networks (Internet, Mobile communications, Digital media, etc.) that make our lives easier!

Viable Advertising Technologies

Sustainable are the advertising technologies and applications that prevail and will prevail for many years in the market due to their innovative and interactive nature and on the one hand because they have the ability to “revive” to give life to any form of advertising, however far back in time it may be ! We mean all those advertising technologies that allow us to make every ad sustainable, functional in a modern way and effective in perpetuity!

Internet Business

Any business must have a website, social media, products’ web presentations and if possible, and maybe a multilingual web presentation in many local markets worldwide. We, because of our applied extensive experience in internet projects since 1995, undertake the development of these services not individually but through a comprehensive plan and strategy in which Web Promotion & SEO are very important factors for Success!

Interactive Digital Advertising

Digital marketing must be interactive and this factor is covered only with smart technologies and communications as well as interactive online tools and applications in the fields of Internet, Mobile and Smart phones & devices, Digital Cards & Wallet Passes (for Android & iOS) as well. Digital marketing requires development of modern digital approaching mostly in the area of cellular communications, furthermore, prototype UX Content and Rich media.

VR Simulation / 3D Models

With VR simulation and 3D Models we can solve many specific business problems, such as training in a virtual environment for educational, surgery/medical, constructions projects, etc. Now you can train virtually your employees without any risk, and let them master new skills more efficiently and faster. Ask from us to Implement a special VR solution for your Company too.

We develop AR applications (Android & iOS) for Tourism and Culture,
Society & Local Bodies & Organizations, Commerce,
Industry & project and product development and manufacturing processes
also for Architects & interior decoration, education, packaging, marketing,
print & advertising and advertising, medicine,
pharmaceutical industry, environment , nature & sports, etc…


Our Recent Work

The Limbecker Platz shopping center in Essen Germany is our latest project which we have successfully developed and continue to execute. In this project the main idea was to offer the opportunity to the Shopping Center to attract more user-visitors with modern interactive advertising methods in order to increase the sales of its hosted stores. We are talking about a huge shopping center that had 88,000 visitors on the Sunday before Christmas!!! We have therefore developed an interactive promotion and communication App (Android & iOS), which initially started with an event for Christmas 2023 and New Year 2024, and will continue during the European Football Championship period in June 2024, etc. In particular we developed an application with functions of AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), Computer’ Graphics, Dynamic & “UX” (User Experience) multilingual content and a really impressive gamification function to smartly promote Limbecker’s corporate identity. Through this gamification, the Mall’s Users and visitors could, in a “treasure hunt” game process with their smart phone’s camera to “search” for a dynamically moving in the area digital Santa Claus, click on him and getting the option to win Gifts for the period of Christmas & New Year’s Day! Also, in the “presentation mode” there was a possibility of searching for Santa Claus who leads the reindeer with presents in and around the shopping center and taking selfies with them, as well as specially designed areas for selfies with related Christmas’ computer graphics

About our Team

I’m Efthymios Vasilopoulos, an Electronic Engineer specialized to Programmable Logic Controllers & Automation, also expert in Web Development & Advertising, SEO/SEM and Web Apps. Augmented Reality “AR” Applications (Apps) & VR are also my newest advanced and boosted skills as i’m the first one (2019) who developed AR App for Android & iOS in the whole Greek territory. I’ve already built and empower a powerful global network of New Age technologies’ Experts, Companies and Consultants especially in the Sectors of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Digital Advanced Services as well. I feel ready to meet your needs in any kind of AR development, Apple & Google Wallets / Digital Passes, digital promotion and AI apps. My 30 years of experience in the Digital World are my passport & guarantee for a new success for all of us in this New Era!

Efthymios Vasilopoulos
CEO, Web & AR Expert

I use to Researching always for new & innovative technologies

Alex Dounavis
Programmer & Digital Cards

What I do except of Programming? I take care of my family!

Spain Collaborations
Technical Support Center

What we do? We use to Support AIVATAR as always!

Dr. Ch. Fragos
AI Algorithms & Development

How interactive & easy can we do anything? … by adding a smart script’ note to your ideas!

Avatars for all!
Business AI Assistants

Where AR AI in the World? Until now, in Greece, Cyprus, Balkans, UAE & Germany.


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