AR App for Other Industries

Retail & Shopping Malls

A commercial enterprise can sell easier, more and more profitably in its market & distribution networks. “New Generation Digital Merchandising”, “Virtual and Digital Sellers”, “Digital/Wallet Passes”, soon and Holograms-narrators-storytellers-sellers, but also many other tools of modern interactive and augmented marketing using AR is now available to Retailers. Malls similarly using all available AR tools and smart marketing with built-in “AR Gamification” functions can attract more visitors, motivate and support sales of the stores hosted on their premises. We proudly announce taht we have already developed such an application in December 2023 at Germany’s largest shopping center Limbecker Platz in Essen.


Education with AR becomes better!

Augmented Reality (AR) is now the most important digital tool in the Community of education, scientific & professional training, seminars and scientific articles, narratives and presentations … Studying a book is now easier and much more understandable for a student, trainee, trainee or even a scientist, since with the use of “augmented reality” any print, book, brochure, user Instructions / guide, technical & educational presentation & scientific writings or studies can now transformed into digital interactive presentations with “Rich Media”, videos, “Animations”, digital guidance and explanations, digital trainers, 3D graphics-images with digital visualizations / VR and virtual/real digital examples, audio-visual content even with realistic real illustrations! Learning, Training & Studying now become fun and Educational organizations, Schools, Training Centres, etc, they have now a powerful Digital tool at their disposal to motivate their market and increase their sales!

Indutries & Manufacturation

With Augmented Reality (AR) it is now possible in any Industry, even in any “project”, “project-flow” or “development process”, to capture all technical specifications, analyses, certifications and production or project-flow equipment and stages as digital information on the “tablet”, “smartphone” or “special interactive AR/VR glasses”!
An automotive industry, factory, agricultural/livestock cooperative, or a certification organization for quality & ISO, etc. can now REALLY and REALISTICLY to presenting at their points of sales their “entire” / “partial by department to department” the project’ process and/or it’s progress, or the production-flow for each produced product or service.

Architecture / Decoration / Real Estate

Architecture / Decoration / Real Estate Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that one would think was made especially for Architecture, Decoration & Real estate!
Now Architects and Engineers have the possibility to present through this (AR) application and a “Tablet” a real and realistic or even 3D architectural perspective only by scanning with their smartphone’s camera a map, plan, drawing, model or image/photo.
Also a Decorator can digitally decorate with real or even 3D-Models of objects and household equipment any interior area (either empty or furnished) and present them in in several designs and decoration in some minutes!
Real Estate is now the easiest job for the professionals as now they can give the option to their customers & potential buyers to see their properties in real/virtual mode in any view (exterior/interior) by scanning only their Geolocation or just one photo of them!!! This is business!